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Friday, December 17, 2010

Are universities "Too Asian?"

Newly elected York Regional Councillor Joe Li wants Maclean's magazine to formally apologize for publishing an article called "Too Asian?". Li condemns the article in comments published in the Markham Economist this week and he wants Markham council to do the same.
The article actually ends up praising Asian students for tending "to be strivers, high achievers and single-minded in their approach to university."
I was a former high-school teacher in a Toronto school with a large Asian population and I agree with the Maclean's article, generally the Asian students were among the best students at my school, its true.
I think Mr. Li, and Councillor Mike Layton (son of Jack) of Toronto, who made the same objection are most disturbed by the headline, for which Maclean's apologized. Don't these guys having anything better to do like continue to mismanage their various municipalities?
From what I have seen in my conversations with Joe Li (also Asian) and his efforts so far, he proves that making group racial generalizations is not a good idea and often not true.     

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