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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Election Day minus 32 The beauty of competition...almost

Day 6: Yesterday I mentioned that Elizabeth May (Greens) has been shut out of the leaders debate by a consortium of TV networks. This morning Channel Zero (formerly CHCH TV) offered a full debate with May on their SuperStation. That's the beauty of competition, options and alternatives, I thought. So far no one is biting, May has filed a court challenge so we'll see.
Meanwhile the CBC is getting flak over their Compass questions (see earlier this week). Many are saying its skewed to favour Liberals, no kidding. What about libertarians, we're not even on the chart, as I pointed out on Monday (Day 3).
I keep saying its still cold out, well, this morning there was a dusting of snow around here, so much for global warming. We are one day before opening day for the Blue Jays. On the first opening day 34 years ago it snowed before and during the game, see below. Really not unusual for these parts, but we have a Dome now so it will be shirtsleeves no matter what.

The graph above is from ThreeHundredEight, a blog devoted to tracking polls. Notice the interesting upturn for the redline, the Liberals. Must mean their promises are better. Is Harper in trouble early? We can only hope.
Play ball! :-)

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