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Thursday, March 31, 2011

More evidence they are all the same

Need more evidence that each of the people who belong to those colourful logos on the left are virtually identical in their politics? Some of you might recall a recent by-election in Vaughan (the city above Toronto), a close battle between a Conservative former cop and a Liberal. The Conservative won and was instantly put into the Federal Cabinet. A Libertarian actually ran in that by-election.
Yesterday (March 30) the Liberal foe actually came out of the closet and declared his support for his former opponent. That's why politics makes strange bedfellows, the truth is they are already married to one another. The terms left and right are totally meaningless in the context of the mainline parties.
Of course there is the much older example of Bob Rae, now a darling of the Federal Liberals, but once the Leader of the Ontario NDP and the former Premier of Ontario. Their hats are interchangeable, like light bulbs!
By the way, Mr. Rae could become the next Federal Liberal leader if Ignatieff makes a poor showing in this current federal election.

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