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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Election Day minus 28 and 27 - Still Getting Nominated....

Day 10 & 11: Yesterday was surprisingly, almost uncomfortably and certainly unexpectedly warm outside (18C). The evening prior, it snowed and today there is a stiff wind and it is cold again - a typical "spring" for these parts.
 I'm still collecting the 100+ signatures which I must say is the toughest part of this or my previous campaign. I need to convince people that their signature does not obligate them to anything - it just consents to having my name on the ballot. Sometimes people are wary. My daughter suggested I try a local senior citizens complex nearby because they will be home. They were home, and many did sign, but just as many did not, and with good reasons. I was surprised at how "tuned in" to politics many of these elderly people were. I had some good discussions about a wide range of topics, but it was tiring.
A group of the "minor-fringe" parties, including us, are planning to hold a public forum for press and electors next week. Elizabeth May (that's here) was invited, but declined pointing out she is neither minor nor fringe. Ah, but she is getting minor as the days go on. Take a look at the daily poll here. The Greens are fading. Maybe she should reconsider?

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